Mineshaft Mishap

Coming soon to the App Store!

The Awesome Audio Adventure!

Mineshaft Mishap is a smartphone app that doubles as an audio-based adventure game! Users can listen to the intense story, explore many maps, collect items and discover the twists and turns of this thrilling tale!

Can you maneuver the mishap?

Cooper, Mikael, Nicki and Tommy are four adventerous kids who venture off to enjoy the Crazy Caves Theme Park located in their small city. However, they soon realize that they are the only ones visiting the park! Not even the employees are working at a normal morning shift! Will the kids simply reek havoc at an empty amusement park? Or will they inadvertently discover the dark secrets of this seemingly harmless park? It's up to you to help the group solve the mystery of their vanishing community!

Seeing isn't everything!

Although we have awesome screenshots displaying on the side right now, no pictures can prepare you for what awaits your ears! With many rooms and items to experience, you'll find yourself enthralled in our story like an audiobook, with the added bonus of your interaction! Listen carefully to everything you hear in an area; it could tip you off on where to go next!

How far along is this app?

The app is currently in its alpha phases. The group behind this app did develop an early demo of the game where you can fiddle around the first few areas of the Crazy Caves Theme Park. This demo is playable in your mobile browser, and it's free!

The concept of Mineshaft Mishap was originally conceived by Brad Eyers, Anissa Coelho, Jon Reimer, Brianna Reid and Robert Steffanson. Additional contributors include Sean Chan and our voice actor, John Sagris.

Play the Web Demo!